Best Top 5 Nigerian Hair Products To Treat Your Hair Naturally

Every month we spend a lot of money on various hair care products to create an attractive look. However, your hair will not always remain healthy after such care.

Only one type of hair products provides guaranteed care without unpleasant consequences – natural cosmetics. Today, there are a lot of Nigerian natural hair products on the market that have been approved by real beauty beautyholics. We are going to discuss the best of them!

Natural Nigerian™ Stimulating Hair Growth Oil with Capsicum Essential Oil

Average price: ₦2,000.00

The company’s philosophy is to use the nature’s resources to the full in the process of creating their products for natural hair.

The Oil Mix is designed to boost your hair growth. The remedy effectively stimulates the skin on the head making your hair grow faster.

How to use:

Place a drop of oil in your hand and spread with your fingers all over the scalp, paying special attention to the receding hairline. Do this for 3-5 minutes every day, 5 days a week and you’ll see amazing results. It’s easy to maintain natural hair with this premium-quality cost-effective hair product!

Namaste organics™ Avocado and Coconut leave-in-conditioner with Aloe vera and D-Pantenol

Average price: ₦3,000.00

According to numerous positive reviews, this is Nigerian natural hair care products #1.

This super Moisturizing Leave in conditioner contains Aloe Vera and D Pantenol and is perfect if you wear afro braids, weaves, or natural curls.

Among its advantages are:

  • it moisturizes your hair and scalp;
  • makes your hair follicles healthy;
  • gives extra strength to your hair;
  • cures dry and brittle hair;
  • adds shine;
  • boosts your hair growth.

Midas Naturals™ Moisture Masque

Average price: ₦7,200.00

The following tips on how to treat natural hair imply using the unique natural hair care product from Midas Naturals.

This moisturizing balm containing avocado oil absorbs into your hair to nourish and moisturize it. Bamboo extract makes the hair follicle stronger and encourages its growth.

Inner Beautee™ hand whipped Shea butter cream with Grapeseed, Coconut & Lavender oils

Average price: ₦ 1,500.00

How to take care of natural hair cheaply but effectively?

This product contains essential oils, carrier oils and 100% Organic Shea Butter. These ingredients make it a perfect moisturizer both for the hair and the scalp. Lavender extract has antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also boosts hair growth.

The presence of Grapeseed Oil adds anti-aging effect. Coconut Oil will make your hair shiny and luxuriant. This product is suitable for vegans and contains no parabens.

Natural Nigerian™ Flax Seed Gel Twist & Curl Pudding

Average price: ₦2,400.00– ₦4,400.00 ((depending on pack size)

Natural Nigerian™ Flax Seed Gel Twist & Curl Pudding is ultra light gel with FlaxSeed to hold various hairstyles. This divine-smelling formula gives moisture, softness and shine to your hair.

How to use:

Apply a little on every twist. Untwist in a couple of days and enjoy jumpy twist-outs! Use on dry hair while braiding or making cornrows.

It will keep the chosen style on 4b – 4c hair best of all.

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