Latest Bead Necklace Designs Of All Time

Nigerian beads are extremely important for Nigerian people. Men and women wear them both to special occasions and casually. Normally worn with traditional ethnic garments made of ankara prints, george, lace and others, the beads adorn any bride and make any participant of the event look fancier.

Different designs of beads never come out of the focus of fashion experts. Open the best fashion magazines, and you will find a lot of useful tips about wearing beaded accessories.

Latest beads in vogue are massive, eye-catching, and created by combining different types of beads, from tiny rondelles to seashells, as well as different bead necklace designs patterns. Current bead designs are focused mostly on summer trends and outfits. Before you go out:

  • make sure that your beaded jewelry can withstand the beach environment
  • get something bright, fun, and crazy
  • all shades of the sky and the sea are a good idea
  • keep tiny and precious pieces for colder season
  • sand beads designs and coral beads designs are #1 choice for you this summer

We are happy to inspire the fans of bead jewelry with the latest bead necklace designs in this post!

Nigerian beads

1. Intro

To our delight, beaded jewelry has recently beat gold and silver accessories that used to be worn for special occasions!

Beads design is becoming more and more versatile; the items are made from new materials to please the fans with an infinite number of amazing designs coming in various shapes, colors and dimensions.

beads design

2. Latest beads design 2016 & 2017 trends

Nigerian bead necklaces have become popular among women of other countries in Africa due to their versatility and exotic feel. Check out these gorgeous options for Naja brides in these pictures.

Latest bead styles are stunningly numerous: you can find traditional strings of classic red beads, and the items adorned with fancy brooches, pendants, precious stones and Swarovski crystals. These embellishments make Nigerian home-made beads look even more authentic and a real eye-candy!

Latest bead styles


3. Which types of Nigerian Statement Bead Necklaces are worn to Traditional Weddings?

Historically, brides wore red coral beads during Nigerian traditional engagement or marriage festive events. At present, more and more Nigerian beads designs appear and they are made from various new materials like:

  • pearl;
  • wood;
  • glass and crystals;
  • plant seeds;
  • metal;
  • bugles;
  • millefiori;
  • crackle glass;
  • semi-precious stones;
  • gem chips;
  • shells;
  • nacre and even cloisonne.

With beads made of these new materials becoming increasingly popular, it is quite clear that traditional red coral beads are still holding their position. This classic jewelry is still used as the Edo wedding coral beads or the princess beaded dress.

Enough talking about Nigerian traditional wedding beads – since there is a brand-new trend that you certainly need to try in the nearest future. This is an absolutely mind-blowing trend that consists in combining crystal beads and semi-precious stones with a brooch or two on top to make your look purely fantastic! Nigerian wedding beads have deep roots and their future is even more promising and sensational!

Considering different bead making ideas, we can’t help noticing that statement beads (the beads demonstrating the world you taste and status) are quite a staple in Nigerian traditional weddings nowadays with more and more brides joining the trend. Moreover, wedding guests can also wear such statement jewelry in order to fashionably demonstrate their style even while wearing a traditional outfit.
Nigerian beads designs

Nigerian beads designs

Nigerian beads designs

4. Check out these handmade Nigerian beaded necklace designs

Braided seed bead design

Pepper red layered beads in mix of jade and broken beads, embellished wit gold brooch

10-layered rice shaped angel skin beads with champagne gold crystals for that “Owambe look”

Multi layered two-toned crystals beautifully designed, in teal blue

Peachy forest design in seed beads

Turquoise blend of agate and broken beads in a cascade design

Beaded ball in choker style

Dutch spiral in black seed beads and white crystals.

5. Here you can find more beads design pictures for your inspiration

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